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Migration to the cloud

Our cloud experts help you to migrate your local and on-premises solutions to the cloud. These could be running servers or databases that you no longer want to maintain, applications or websites that need modernisation, or VMs and virtualization solutions running locally or in your servers. We help you to plan and to realize your project. In doing so, we not only pay attention to which technologies are used, but also to strategic aspects such as preventing vendor lock-in. We also help you to choose the right cloud provider for greenfield projects, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.

Outsourcing the IT infrastructure to the cloud

One of the biggest concerns when outsourcing your own IT infrastructure to the cloud is the cost, which usually seems complicated and non-transparent. Our cloud experts help you to optimize the costs and also to select only the cloud services that are most necessary and suitable for you. After you have set up your new cloud infrastructure, you also need to maintain it. Of course, we also help you to continue to optimize and automate the processes in the cloud - with the cloud operation services of our experts.

Cloudification of application and cloud native development

Our software developers are not classic developers. We don't just focus on developing your software ready to use, but we use cloud technologies to deploy the software as flexibly as possible. To do this, we use modern development approaches such as serverless, microservices as well as agile methods. These practices distinguish our developers.

DevOps CI/CD and automation

DevOps is not just a technology stack that is used. Rather, DevOps is a culture in software development that must be lived. We support the introduction of CI/CD as well as test automation to optimize the software release process and reduce your IT operating costs. Commonly used technologies are virtualisation technologies like Docker, orchestration tools like Kubernetes, GitOps practices like Argo, service meshing like Helm, configuration management tools like Terraform and Ansible as well as Jenkins, Azure DevOps or GitlabCI as CI/CD servers.

Continuous Monitoring for monitoring your application in the cloud

After a DevOps process has been set up, the software and its behaviour must be continuously monitored. Using continuous monitoring in the cloud, the monitoring can be automated and adapted to your wishes. Imagine that you automatically receive a detailed notification about the error in your communication software (e.g. Microsoft Teams or Slack) when a software misbehaves, or that you can query the status of your application at the push of a button. Tools such as Prometheus, Grafana, Kibana, FluentD or Elasticsearch are mostly used for the implementation.

Reference projects



Automotive & Telecommunications


Launching of DevOps into the software development lifecycle

  • Continuos Integration /Continuos Delivery (Jenkins, AzureDevOps, Github Actions)
  • Continuos Testing (Selenium, Cypress)
  • Continuos Monitoring (Grafana, Promethus, EFK-Stack)
  • Containerization of applications (Docker, Kubernetes)

Software development




Development of the web frontend based on web frameworks, creation of UI design & dialogs and implementation of a responsive design

  • Development of UI-Elements based on Microservices (Angular, React, Vue)
  • Service meshing of software components (Kubernetes Istio)
  • Web development in backend (Java Spring Boot)





Shifting an On Premise Environment to the Cloud

  • Construction of Kubernetes clusters (Kubeadm, K3S, Rancher)
  • Automation of processes in the cloud (Ansible, Terraform)
  • Shifting of NFT/ISCSI in Cloud Object Storage (AWS S3, Azure Object Storage, Nextcloud)

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